Sunday, July 13, 2014

One Big Fucked Up Family

In case you hadn't heard, Helrick the... whatever the fuck he is has smuggled Picasso out. How, I'm not sure. Unlike my travelling companions, I've never even been to Fracture's compound, but their descriptions make me think that getting a screaming woman out undetected must have been nothing short of a miracle. Either that or fuckface is really just that bad at his job.

I knew he was pretty bad, because as he has now just found out, he's a proxy who's been stupidly working against the Slender Man for a long time.  How stupid do you have to be to have regular interaction with the thing and still manage to accidentally fucking do the exact opposite thing He wanted you to do? Wow. What a fucking moron. We all knew. All of us. I even tried to tell him. Several times, you can find it in comments if you really want, I've got better things to do than dig it all up. Suffice it to say, fuckface is a fucking moron and we're definitely laughing at him over here. Or at least I am.

We're also keeping busy meeting up with Helrick and Picasso. Which is... a bit of a nightmare. The poor fucker tried to tell me when I called him to try to set up a meeting place (though honestly why I was the one that called, I'm not entirely certain.). He sounded exhausted and miserable, and I could hear her in the background babbling on about eyebrows or some shit. But nothing could have prepared me for the situation. Picasso has gone even further off her rocker, which I didn't think was actually possible. She has no remaining grasp on reality at all. It also takes three times the normal dose of sedatives for a woman her size to knock her unconscious, at which point she starts flailing and screaming in her sleep, something I discovered when she started screaming and I knew I had to either knock her out or gag her and risk her getting out and taking revenge.

He had her locked in the back of his van for transit, and in retrospect I almost wish we'd left her there. Sure, the rocking might've raised some eyebrows, but it's better than everyone in the fucking motel hearing her scream. It's definitely better than getting attacked, which hasn't really happened yet, but could happen at any moment. We've all been taking turns watching Picasso so that we manage to stay more or less rested. Except for Navi, who apparently still can't see her. The rest of us, though, get to watch her and hope she doesn't destroy anything or attack anyone. She's crazy fucking strong.

Still, we're better off than fuckface the moron.


  1. I have to be honest... not super in love with your tone right now. Nor how popular that nickname has become.

    1. YOU FUCKING SUCK, YOU FUCKING MORON. There, do you like that better?

    2. Eh. I can take it or leave it. Although it does raise a huge concern... Picasso's psychotic screaming cunt disease seems to be contagious.

    3. No, I just really fucking don't like you.