Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Never Not Navi

Hey. Navi here. I still don't have an official blog account but to be fair blogging is dumb. Also seems to be high maintenance. I'm sure I'll cave and make an account one of these days but shit's pretty crazy right now with the Smiling guy and the threat of... fuck face... such a vulgar nickname.

Fracture. That was it. Literally no one here calls him that. Kind of funny.

But like I was saying, Fracture or the smiling asshat could pop in at virtually anytime and just kill everyone. At least that's what it sounds like from everything I've read. You should honestly be thankful I'm even posting this. The only reason I am is because Sloth had another one of his dreams and it was either I did it or they were going to let him do it and that seemed even stupider than me posting so here I am.

I mean how inane can you get.

'I had a dream last night. I got lost in the rain. There was a clown there.'

Just truly a waste of everyones god damn time. Don't you think?

I don't know. Maybe I'm way off on this one. This just seemed like the more sensible alternative.

Vallus or Nat should really be posting but they were too exhausted. Really, I'm the only one who isn't psychologically wiped.

And that's a great segue into explaining what has apparently been going on.

I say apparently because I don't know for sure.

To me it just looks like everyone has been getting increasingly violent and unsettled since Helrick arrived. But apparently we got Picasso back when we got Helrick. I wouldn't know. I still can't see or hear Picasso.

Apparently, not even if she yells for over 24 hours straight. Which I'm told she had been ever since Nat ran out of tranquilizers to feed her.

I was also informed that she was alternating between kicking and screaming, and yelling love songs at Helrick.

Notice that I keep using the past tense here. She's stopped now. See, I had a brilliant idea. Based on what I had heard about the situation, and likely in no small part because I was the only one still thinking with their right mind at this point, I suggested that she might shut up if we just gave Helrick to her.

She did apparently keep singing out lovey dovey shit to him after all.

He was very against it. He was pretty sure if he got to close to her, that she'd kill him. But Nat managed to talk him into it.

"I /CAN'T/ take much more of this and I know /YOU/ can't either. We'll all be right behind you. We even took her knife and hatchets away. If anything goes wrong, we'll pull her off of you immediately," said Nat.

"... Fine," said Helrick.

Now keep in mind, the following was explained to me after the fact so I'm putting it in brackets.

[Well, sure enough when Helrick approached she pounced. But she didn't attack him. Just pinned his hands down and curled up next to him.

And most importantly, she stopped fucking screaming.]

Helrick was still nervous about the whole thing. Which I guess is understandable. He requested that someone be by him at all times to keep an eye on them just incase. Nat obliged and now Helrick has his own watch rotation.

Not something I can participate in. To me it looks like hes just awkwardly laying on the ground. If she did something to him, I'd never know or notice so I wouldn't be able to help. Which has put me on permanent night watch. They seem determined to make me pull my weight despite my fucked up sight.

Here's hoping that if anything comes at us I'll actually be able to fucking see it.

Navi out.

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  1. Hey, please do me a favour, get Sloth, and get him to tell me his dream.