Monday, August 18, 2014

Gonna Kill the Fuck Outta Fuck Face

If you saw this post, you know that fuck face called Picasso out. It should be no surprise to any of you, then, that we're on the move. Picasso's foaming at the mouth even more than usual and the rest of us are no less eager to see this finished

It's good this happened now, I think we were all getting a bit impatient. Picasso especially. And the last thing we wanted to have to deal with was that bitch going nuts again. Better she go off on Duckie than on us. I never liked that fuckhead anyway. He thought it was really fucking clever to call me 'gnat' or 'bug'. I killed him for it once before, but it was in a Loop and Ronan would've been pissed if I tried to finish it off for real just because of the name thing.

In any event, bring on your crazy bullshit, Fracture. Having one mind control guy to go up against us while you cower isn't enough and you know it. You also know no one else is stupid enough to help you. Honestly, I'm not sure why Whisper is helping you. If you read blogs, Whisper, perhaps you could tell me why the fuck you're siding against the monster you're supposed to be working for? It's the losing side, especially in this case, and everyone knows it.

See you soon, fuckers!


  1. Unlike his other siblings, Whisper isn't a shit head. He knows who he owes his life to and he knows to trust me when it comes down to the wire.

    Such a shame Picasso, Moth, and Sloth, or Vallus for that matter, never properly learned that lesson. Maybe you lot can figure it out as corpses.

    1. We won't be the ones to end up corpses.

    2. I whole heartedly disagree.