Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fuck All of You

Now that I am safely holed up for the moment, I have the time to give the full story here. As you may have figured out by the last post longer than a couple lines, I've been in Black Lake, where Moth and Picasso have been staying. That was completely by accident. I had no intention to show up on Fracture's doorstep, nor did I want to-it was just another random town I stopped over in one night. But I discovered that staying in town had the fantastic side effect of making both Writer and the tall fuck leave me the hell alone, so I stuck around.

I wouldn't have if I'd realized what a magnet for trouble this place is. The lucky thing is that I never wore a mask and don't have any easily identifiable scars or tattoos that would identify me to the proxies crawling all over this damn town. The downside is that I've seen some crazy damn shit during my stay there, not least of which was my conversation with Picasso, surrounded by mouse traps.

Despite all of the fucking batshit nuts crap going on in that stupid fucking town, when I heard the sounds of fighting from the roof of the hotel Picasso and Moth were staying in, I decided it would be a good idea to check it out. I'm still not sure whether that was a stupid fucking idea or the best idea I've had in a while.

I found Fracture perched on a fucking statue like a lame supervillain commanding five hollows and Sloth to attack Picasso and Moth. I... honestly wasn't sure if I was going to interfere. I mean, I like Picasso and Moth, but it wasn't my fight, and to make things worse, Sloth was involved and I didn't want to have to fight him. I like the guy, he knows how to treat a person with respect.

Fracture made the choice for me, though, commanding several of the hollows to attack me and pulling out a gun. Three hollows were easy to handle, and it was even easier once I realized that Fracture was deliberately shooting high, so he wouldn't kill anything. Cowardly fucking bitch is happy to make other people kill for him but doesn't have the stomach to do it himself.

It seemed like shit was going well when I'd dealt with the three that came at me, but then shit changed. Moth ditched Sloth and the kid hollow who'd been fighting him and went to help Picasso, leaving Sloth and the kid (Whose name I later found out was Maggot) standing alone for a moment. Fracture took the opportunity to issue a new order-ordering Maggot to run Sloth through.

At this point the battle rage makes things a bit hazy, and it doesn't help that everything went so fucking fast. I went after the kid, trying my damndest to kill it, but it, along with Fracture, got away. Picasso's yelling revealed that the hollow they'd been fighting was Duckie after all, and he bashed Moth's face in under his mask, then ran Picasso through. I went to try to help Sloth, and he instead tried to tackle Duckie off the roof.

They both ended up on the fire escape instead, Fracture picked up Duckie, and I retrieved Sloth. We detoured to my motel room just long enough to check the damage and stitch him up, then got the hell out of town.

The two of us are hidden somewhere as safe as it is difficult to find, and with any luck Sloth should be good as new in a few weeks.

You lose, Fracture. Fuck your shit.


  1. Thanks for saving Sloth. Are Picasso and Moth OK?

    Fracture told a kid to kill someone? Yikes. D: I did not think he was such a cold ass motherfucker.

    And uh, I guess the elephant in the room... Duckie's alive and now we have an eyewitness account.

    1. ...Still don't quite understand why the HELL Duckie is so important. Ah well. He'll be dead soon enough. (Hopefully).

      Good on you, taking in Sloth like that. Maybe you aren't as cold as I thought you were.

      Also... "Fuck all of You"? What did I do to deserve that?

    2. From what I can gather, Duckie is very much in demand.

      As for "Fuck all of You"... well, I too would be impatient if I had to babysit Sloth fresh out of a fight.

    3. After all that shit, I pretty much think the entire universe can go fuck itself.

    4. Gotta start young. Maggot is just budding yet. So much potential... nothing near the screaming crying creature I originally had to dig out of a shallow grave.

      As for why Duckie is so important, a lot of people hate him. The brightest fire burns all who would approach it.

      As for Sloth, while it pains me, I am not at all surprised he survived. Hes a fucking cockroach and a traitorous one at that.

      You should ditch him at the next nearest opportunity. Hes just gonna hurt and betray you.

    5. You don't know shit about anything, asshole. Fuck off.