Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Giggle at a Funeral

May Father always keep me and Darkness hide me.
May I have never have to look back, for he is surely behind me.

I pray Silence hear me and Obsession Guide me.

Compulsion consume me so they may never find me!
And thus we write.


Howdy there. Its your girl Vallus here, giving that good ol' prayer.h

So, first off, here is a link to an incredibly relevant post to our current on-goings. Moth, the stubborn oaf that he is, insisted on posting an update for us on HIS blog instead of ours. So go check that out or something. Or not. I don't care.

Hes the one who decided to put it where people wouldn't look, so fuck him. Dumbass.

Apparently hes still just an asshole in general.

We had someone following us around. Nat noticed it and tried to sneak up on them but they drove off.

So when she confessed her concerns to me I had a brilliant idea. As soon as we landed at our next destination we sent Nat, and Moth because he insisted on going too because hes an incredibly nosy shit, to sneak out the back window of our motel and sneak up on the car that has been tailing us everywhere we go the long way. Like all the way around some buildings to get behind the car on approach so there would be no chance of detection.

This plan earned me much of Nat's love. All 0.35 of it.

While they were doing that, I sat down and got some popcorn and sat watching at the ready to rush out to the car if a fight broke out.

There was a fight. Nat wrestled with the tail a bit before she and Moth over powered the suspect.

They then brought the suspect in. Walked her in actually. She just sort of followed them in once Nat got off of her. Turns out it was Navi. Who funnily enough, had not been mentioned on Moth and Picasso's blog for a while.

Turns out she was still around. Never stopped being around. After they went silent, they just couldn't be bothered to mention her. And then she wasn't in the room at the time when Picasso got nabbed, apparently. And then, apparently, she was told by Moth to tail him while he went into hiding in hopes that she would catch Le Croix tailing him if she tailed him herself.

Apparently, Moth just couldn't be bothered to mention she was around when we met up with him. A fact shes very bitter about. Shes apparently been living in her car this whole time. How absolutely nasty and messed up her hair is checks out with this story.

Of course all of this is classified under 'apparently' because Moth refused to verify. I fact, since Navi turned up Moth has refused to write out a single message to any of us. Which is weird because I know he was writing messages to her before. Wonder watch changed since the post I linked to her.

Quite curious.

Atleast Navi is cool though. Shes kind of random. She talks with confidence but rambles nonsense. She showed me the thing she likes to do where she talks at Moth as if he was talking back.

"Hi. How are you? I'm doing kind of good myself. Yeah only kinda. Well apparently some asshole met up with other people and has been living it up in the luxary of motel rooms and the safety of copious numbers while I was out living in my car alone about 50 ft away and couldn't be bothered to invite me. I know right? Such an asshole." And then she shoved Moth over. "Fuck you!"

It was kind of fun to watch. Shes like a one woman show. Never met someone who dipped pickles in peanut butter before they ate them. Fascinating.

She also has this kick ass sword. A katanna. I watched her cut a chair in half with a swift fucking movement. It was amazing. She keeps it in a modified guitar case she keeps on her. It was modified to keep the sword in place so it wouldn't cut through the case when she runs with it and shit. Handy.

She's kind of almost blind though. She can walk around the room and stuff but like she couldn't see me until someone pointed me out which is real weird. Not sure how that works.

Apparently it comes from her super power. She can see emotions and shit. Apparently people turn colors when they feel things. Which makes it extra confusing that she couldn't see me before I was pointed out. You think the colors would have highlighted where I was.

According to her, yellow is attention grabbing, orange is nervous, red is mad, grey is exhausted, blue is passive, dark blue is sad, pink is love and such. Nothing surprising.

She says me and Moth are the only people shes ever met that idle at red. Apparently most people idle at blue or grey. Must be a Mask thing maybe? We were both masks. Somehow that makes us angry all the time or something?

Oh, and apparently she has always been able to see colors but her sight got fucked up when she met 'the master'. I'm pretty sure the master is Father/Slender Man.

That she calls him 'the Master' is very telling of the kind of proxies shes becoming... kind of worried she might hollow. A lot of them that call him that hollow in the short term of their careers... concerning.

Oh well.

Vallus out.

Amen and shit.

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